A single word…

A single word…

A single word is all it takes…
Words are funny things. A single word, placed just so, has the power to make or break a relationship, to empower or destroy, to encourage or obliterate.
A single word is enough to say “no”, it’s enough to say “yes.”
A single word is enough to say “I just can’t”, “no more” and “I don’t have anything left in me.”
It’s enough to say “I understand”, “I’m here” and “I won’t let you fall.”
A single word is enough to fill the breach and enough to cause a chasm.

A single word is all it takes…
But sometimes saying that single word is too much to bear and hearing it is grim.
A single word but which to choose? Which to use? Which is best?
The wrong word could cause catastrophe but using no word would be worse.

A single word is all it takes…
Sometimes we use a word and think it’s right but the ears hear another meaning than the one we intend…
Sometimes it’s the right word for us, the only word we can manage and the ears refuse to hear it, caught up in their own hurricane of loquacity.
A single word but one word from many voices, many faces, for only two ears and one mind, is sometimes too much.

A single word but which to choose? Which to listen to? Which to act upon?
A single word but which is right? Which is true? Which is the one?

A single word is all it takes… But which to hear? Which to say?

A single word was all it took… That word was “help”…

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Disabilities Manager for the Pagan Federation

2 thoughts on “A single word…”

  1. My world fell apart last year on 27th March 2018, when my beautiful Willow Merrymoon died, Willow was so kind, loving, warm, patient, we gave each other the love and care that we both deserved she treated my heart kindly as I hers. I talk with her everyday and tell her about the seasons, the new beauty to share with her. We met at an Anxiety and Depression group, We shared with the group about us being a couple, there response was lovely, we beamed inside and out. Our love wasn’t rushed it was gentle and kind. We gave each other breath to breathe, I was feeling very low yesterday 20th April and typed into my web browser Willow and I was brought here, where I have found help and hope. Blessed Be.

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