DPVP does NaPoWriMo – From My Book of Shadows by Marie

From my Book of Shadows…

Never think that magic is not real,
it’s in the very air we breathe,
in the songs we sing, in the books we read,
in the painting we gaze upon, in the people we love
and the lives we lead.
Magic is all around us;
we don’t needs fairy dust or special powers…
just knowledge, wisdom and the belief in the power of ourself.


DPVP does NaPoWriMo – A Loving Farewell by Alex

A loving farewell

I love you enough to let you slip away;
Quietly into the realms of my past.
I love you enough to accept we were not meant to be;
That although you’ll always be a part of me
that part is not enough to give me joy
But i will always and forever be your boy…
I will always love you for all that we shared;
The journey, the path; both excited and scared.
I turn from the mirror and go about my day;
Releasing the girl society deemed me, until today.

DPVP does NaPoWriMo – Wescape by Lynn


Inspired by: Ewescape

E. Crossley


I am Ewe as you are me and

We are all One World

Our feet planted firmly in the ground,

how our minds float upstream;

dreaming our worlds into being –

fields of endeavour, streams of consciousness.


We shepherd our thoughts

orderly into pen or brush.

Hushed by its knowing glance,

we chance to see a sheepish goddess offer

other rivers we might cross.


We build our bridges, middle 8’s

with paint or clay or clef.

Weft and warp, we weave the fabric,

magically making new worlds.


Lynn Rishworth

Walkley Feral Writers

DPVP does NaPoWRiMo – Open Door by Marie

Open Door

I try to find a little peace
Though I struggle day to day
This pain is all consuming
I think it’s here to stay
I aim to accept the darkness
That we all have inside
But I find it overwhelms me
And keeps me bound and tied
I know I should do this and that
And try a little spell
But because of its relentless nature
My soul hurts like hell
I try to think of happier things
And focus more on me
To feel connected to this planet
From the mountains to the sea
It’s that which keeps me going
Knowing that I’m connected
That I’m part of this web of life
That nature has perfected
As sure as spring follows winter
And day follows night
I know I’ll get through this
And end my temporary plight
So next time you feel the pull
Of darkness to your core
Accept you will not be trapped

There is an open door….


DPVP does NaPoWriMo – The Horny Tree by Krys

The Horny Tree

I saw a tree with yellow horns growing from its roots
I said to the tree “I need to know but pray you tell the truth
Are they real or are they fake? I need to know you see
Coz for my work I must produce the horns of an oak tree”
“Well my friend I’m sad to say you really can’t have mine”
“Why?” said I “I need them so!”
“But sir I am a pine.”