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This is the place for general enquiries, or if you would like to be put in contact with the District Disabilities Liaison for your area. Just leave us a comment and we’ll get in touch. You don’t need to go into detail if it’s something private, but when you comment on this blog, we can see your email address and get back to you. Alternatively, you can email Debi by copying this and taking the gaps out! – Disabilities @

Remember that although we all do our best, we are volunteers and may not be able to reply instantly.

You can contact the Disabled Pagans Voices Project if you have music, art, poetry, short stories, blog posts, or other contributions to offer.

It’s also the point of contact for Batty Nan our beloved agony aunt if you have either a genuine question or a spoof one for humour.

Contact our Web Elf here if there are issues you would like to raise about this website, or if you’ve found an error or a typo.

Also start here if you’d like to offer a guest post that isn’t specifically part of the Disabled Pagans Voices Project.